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About Stacy

     Stacy grew up on a remote sheep station in western Queensland.
     ‘I was most fortunate,’ she says. ‘I got to get up close and personal with Mother nature from an early age and revelled in her profundity and her whimsy. I also had parents who instilled in me a love for words, reading, big ideas and art.’
At age six, Stacy went to boarding school in Cunnamulla, and later in Toowoomba, where she discovered the world of people and she began to pay attention to what they did and how they interacted. After school, Stacy got on with the business of life—she studied science, education and career development at university; married Richard; had three children and lots of pets; loved deeply; travelled to remote and curious places; walked and talked and read and wondered, lived in Toowoomba, Brisbane, north Queensland, Perth; worked as a shearers’ cook, waitress, scientific research assistant, high school teacher, and careers counsellor; battled cancer and other demons; published two books …  
Her early love of nature, words, reading, big ideas, art and people are still with her, leading her always toward her own unique destiny. 
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