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Stacy Nottle  Author

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Sally Obermeder,
Australian Television Host

This book is beautiful. It’s raw, it’s honest,
but most of all—it’s inspiring. Stacy shares
the truth behind her journey, and I feel incredibly humbled that she found comfort
in my words, as much as I have now found
comfort in hers. This book connects us
all. It’s not only for those that have been
through breast cancer but for anyone that
just needs a reminder that they are braver
than they think … and Stacy shows us exactly that. A truly amazing read.

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Pauline Waugh, Goodreads

 Stacy’s characters come to life as surely as if they were one’s next-door neighbours. After the Flood is a must-read debut novel, and Stacy’s readers will no doubt eagerly await her next literary effort. 


Sue Dymond,
Author, CEO/Founder of iDareU

I ADORED this book. I was with Stacy through every frightening, funny, reflective, and powerful step of her journey; at the same time, I was on
my own journey of self-reflection and discovery. This is a wonderful tool for people who are going through or have been through cancer but regardless of a person’s circumstances, I think it is a great
read for just about anyone.


Cover After the Flood .png

Ian Fordyce, Goodreads

I loved this Australian drama and found Jamie and Willis to be fascinating characters. The story kept me hooked until the end as I wanted to know what was going to happen. The plot lines were complex, interesting and unexpected and the ending was fantastic.


Christine Cronau, Bestselling Author

A beautiful, insightful, honest, raw, and compelling journey of self-discovery and healing. And a powerful look at why sometimes the hardest thing we will ever go through can send us on an emotional and spiritual quest; one that forces us to shed beliefs, patterns, or even friendships that no longer serve us. Just as a lotus flower grows from the mud, our darkest moments can be a catalyst for living our best lives.


Kelly Charles, Goodreads

What a beautiful book! Stacy has stripped back all the layers and exposed her vulnerability with brutal honesty. I have much admiration for this incredibly brave and honest woman. I cried and laughed throughout Stacy’s story and time and time again I wanted to say, Stacy you are absolutely good enough. I am sure Stacy’s book has helped many others, in ways she cannot comprehend. You give us all much hope Stacy. Thank you.

Cover After the Flood .png

Madonna Moore, Goodreads

A beautifully written, emotive story of hope and the power of choice in our lives. Stacy captures the essence of the Australian bush showing a genuine understanding of its unpredictability, harshness and beauty. I was inspired by the strength and honour of the lead characters and their unwavering moral compasses that carried them throughout their lives. A fantastic, gripping read. I couldn't put it down, so clear your schedule before you begin!


Thoughts about creativity

Community, friendship, art: stirred together, they make a powerful magic. Used wisely, it can save your life. I know that it saved mine.

Terri Windling, Welcome to Bordertown

If someone is excited because they’ve painted a picture or written a book or done some other creative thing, I want to share in their joy. It doesn’t matter if I think what they have done is good or bad – there is no good or bad when it comes to creativity. If a person has or is experiencing the joy of creating, then it is always good. This is what I believe. Who should get to decide if art is good or bad? In Brene Brown’s well-known research into shame, she found that 50% of people experienced shame about their creativity as children. Most, like me, will abandon creativity once they feel this shame. I ask you this - what hope is there for the human race if we don’t open our hearts to the creative process and put our focus there rather than simply on what the end product might look like or sound like.  


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